Download PDF of Instructions- Click Here.. Make Your Own Canvas.PDF


Step 1 Use MutliSurface Sealer, Primer, Varnish or Glaze.  You can mix any.  Sealer is the best.  I like Sealer and White Primer.


Step 2 Cut the linen a little larger than the size of the panel.  I am using a Birch Panel.  Super MDF, double tempered Masonite also work.

Step 3  Lift off the cloth and add a good amount of Sealer to the surface of the wood.


Step 4  Moisten sponge with water and spread over the surface.  No need to have it even.  Thick coverage is best.

Step 5  Apply the linen and then smooth over the surface with your hands.   



Step 6  Add a little more medium to the surface of the linen.

Step 7  Work it into the weave until the entire linen surface has a nice coat of medium.  Let dry about 15 to 30 minutes.



Step 8  Before completely cured which is 24 hours, I like to trim using a razor knife.  Easier to trim before it is cured.

Step 9  Use the excess in the sponge to go over the trimmed edge to make sure it is adhered to the wood surface.  Let cure 24 hours.



Step 10  I like to use painters sand paper, 150 to 180 grit.  Do not go more rough than 150.

Step 11  Lightly sand the surface of the board to smooth.   



Step 12  Sand the trimmed edges to make smooth.  Remove excess fabric threads.


Step 13  Sealer the back side of the panel with 1 or 2 coats.  This will help flatten the surface. If the board is really warped, place board on flat surface, apply a coat of sealer, set some wax paper on the surface and place a heavy object on the panel while the sealer cures.  This will help flatten the board.

I like to paint directly on this surface, however you can add paint, texture medium or prep as desired for different effects.  Enjoy!