Our Heritage... Our Mission


The Heritage Educational System is the most comprehensive instructional Program for the decorative painter. You are about to embark on a very exciting educational adventure and become part of a family of artists from around the world. The Heritage Educational System has been developed by the Heritage Team, a group of 19 artists from around the world, making this truly an international program. These 19 artists have worked diligently together, to produce a curriculum that is progressive in its format. In other words, this Program will take a brand new painter who has never held a paint brush before, on a progressive journey through beginner to advanced lessons, preparing them to become a fully-realized, self-sufficient, and successful artist.



Our System stands apart from many other decorative painting programs, and this difference lies in our underlying philosophy. We believe that decorative painting is outcome-based, and that while a strict academic background is important, it can be frustrating for painters of all skill levels when that is the primary focus of an educational system.  For this reason, we believe that it is more important to have practical knowledge that can easily and quickly be translated into beautiful paintings. The academic background will come with time.

Our goal is to have our students learn with a paint brush in their hands, continuously painting and developing their skills. In fact, in our first three Modules, we have over 60 complete paintings, with several stand-alone Modules to come.  Since our Program was introduced on the Internet, we have had literally hundreds of emails, asking all kinds of questions. The most frequently asked one is “How does this Program work?”.  This site and the Community Forums are designed to answer just that.



The Heritage Educational Manual is dedicated to the creativity, talent, and giftedness of all of those who have gone before us. It's for the artists who have paved the way in search of artistic expression, striving for standardization and a common language within our "love of painting" industry. It's also dedicated to all future artists, teachers, and students who will be inspired to study our history and to share that history along with their knowledge and their passion for the industry.  Most importantly, it's dedicated to those who wish to have some fun and who have chosen this particular avenue to achieve that!