Module 2 is offered in English, Chinese, Japanese and French. 

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This new educational module was written to teach beginning painters the art of alla prima.   Drawing on his 30 years of teaching experience, David will slowly walk you through the technique of Alla Prima, half tones and brush mottling. This educational series features lesson on brush techniques, painting knife techniques, color theory, brush mixing, design and compositional studies.


Jansen Art Studio offers an 11 Video DVDs educational series for module 2, that you can watch in your DVD player, home theater, computer and mobile devices. It also features a CD with over 1,000 step photos, written lessons and complete step by step instructions for each of the technique lessons.


This module of our Educational System also interfaces with our "Paint It Simply" lessons. Paint It Simply features over 400 additional lessons in DVD, packet and E-book formats. All lessons use the same 6 colors, brushes and mediums. So you do not have to buy anything to move from program to program.


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Heritage Education Module 2 Flip Book.







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