Welcome to Heritage Education Module 1

Whether you are a student or potential teacher, Module 1 is filled with both education and fun for you!  Start your journey into decorative painting today by starting Heritage Education Module 1 as a student or teacher.

Learn to paint from experienced teachers, or if you are a current teacher, take a short Module 1 Course and add our teaching program to your classes.  Each lesson is easy to customize to meet your own needs and/or preferences and to suit the needs of your students.





Module 1 Lesson 1

Basic Stroke Shapes


Module 1 Lesson 2-

Simple Round Shapes




Module 1 Lesson 3

Painting For Form



Module 1 Lesson 4

Basic Florals- Additional Stroke Shapes



Module 1 Lesson 5

Basic Face Studies- Additional Stroke Control





Module 1 Lesson 6

Grisaille- Additional Form Control




Module 1 Lesson 7

Additional Face Studies- Holiday Painting



Module 1 Lesson 8

Introduction to Marquetry




Module 1 Lesson 9

Introduction to Scenes and Landscapes




Module 1 Lesson 10

Corner Load- Additional Brush Techniques





Keep in mind that this Program is designed to give you a wonderful artistic experience and, more importantly, that it does not have strict rules, tests, or requirements.  All that you need to do is to register for the Program, paint, learn, and have fun.


What can you expect from a typical Heritage lesson?

Each lesson will include a core lesson, a focus lesson, and at least one alternate lesson.  All of these separate lessons will focus on the same concepts, giving the teacher and the student opportunities to learn and to reinforce painting techniques.  Where applicable, each lesson will include information on the history and symbolism contained in the lesson.  In addition, each lesson will include a “Brush Basics” section that reinforces good brush work and a “Color Corner” that teaches small lessons on color theory.