Glazing Medium

Glazing Medium was designed to give more depth to your painting. Acrylics use water as their media. When the water evaporates the pigment settle down on each other and the painting can look flat. If you add Glazing Medium to your paint the pigments are kept separate from each other when the water evaporates. This will add more depth to your painting. Glazing Medium can also be used in stains, barrier coats, antiquing, tinting etc. Glazing Medium can be used as a base for:

Wood Stains

Gluing Objects

Final soft finishes

Barrier Coats

Stain Controller

Click Here for more technique and directions for use.... Glazing


Extender Medium

This medium is added to slow down the drying of the paint. It can also be safely added to the other mediums in the line. Any time you want the paint or medium to have more working time add some Extender to it. Extender allows the acrylic artist to perform oil techniques. This medium has no solids in it so when the paint or medium is dry, there will be nothing added. 


This is the medium we use to make our Global Colors.  This medium can slow the drying time of our acrylics to 30 hours when use properly.  This medium is not the same as other companies Extender and Retarders and can not be mixed with other brands of paint. 


Multi-Surface Sealer

Multi-Surface Sealer is a wonderful medium that allows use to paint on many different surface safely. There will be many different technique and uses for this medium described later. The original intention for this medium was to provide a way for artist to decorate many different types of surfaces from wood to glass and metal. Most paints do not “stick” to those surfaces. Multi-Surface Sealer was designed to stick to those surfaces then “grab” onto the paint when it is applied. So, Multi-Surface Sealer sticks to the surface, and then the paint sticks to it.
Our sealer is also used as a hard urethane finish because it contains UV inhibitors to protect your surface. 
For more use idea and directions click here.. MultiSurface Sealer.




Gloss/ Matte Varnish

This is a new formula resin based polyurethane varnish. Most resin based polyurethane and urethane varnishes are the hardest of all. This new varnish will surprise you on how easy it is to apply. It gives fantastic protection to your paintings with just a few coats. The gloss and the matte can be mixed in different proportion to achieve various sheen.  For example, if you like a satin finish, just mix the gloss and matte 1 to 1 in a separate bottle and save it.  Now you have a bottle of satin.  

This varnish is also extremely durable.  You can give 4 coats to a painted surface and place the object outside!  For more information on how to easily apply this wonderful new generation product see our instructional videos on this website.



Texture Medium

Made from fine grinds of powder, this medium is perfect for adding texture to the paint. Most paints don’t have very much texture when dry. If they did, they would be difficult to stroke. We have added this medium to the line so you can get texture when you want it. Texture Medium is made from about 50% solids and is semi-translucent. This means that it will not affect the color you add it to and will assist in making the paint more opaque. Most artists use this medium for impasto or texture painting. This medium is compatible with all other mediums so the choices and mixes are endless.



Faux Finishing Medium

This is a very thick gel based medium with extended drying time. It contains about 40% solids so you can give more depth to those faux finishes. This medium is designed to do faux finishes such as wood graining, and marble. Many artists like this medium for stroke techniques because it gives the paint the feeling of oil and gives texture to the stroke while leaving some transparency.  


For many more techniques and directions for use please click this link....  Faux Finishing Medium..


Also see our Educational Videos for some fun painting ideas!






Light Primer

This is a very versatile primer addition to the line. The primers contain about 20 % solids and they are extremely effect. They can be combined with the Multi-Surface Sealer for metals and glass if desired. Many companies manufacture background colors for their paint line. If you want a color you usually have to buy large amounts of the color. With this primer you don’t have to do that. Heritage Primers both light and dark contain everything needed to prep a surface. They even included Tannin or pitch blocking ingredients. All you have to do is mix the color you want into the primer for 1 coat prep and base coat. Light Primer is used to make all the light and medium color backgrounds. We will be publishing formulas in the near future for you to mix any color background you desire. Mix the color, add the primer and you are ready to base and prime all in one step.


Dark Primer

This is the dark version of Light Primer. Dark primer contains the same ingredients as the light primer. Use this base for making dark colors. You can add this primer to the light primer for medium toned colors if desired. The primers are also compatible with all other mediums in the Traditions line. Look for background color formulas in the near future.