About Global Art Supply- Our Company History


In 1997 after being involved in the family paint making business for almost 17 years, my wife Martha and I left the industry to pursue our goal of traveling and teaching together. We have done a lot of traveling! Over the past 35 years we have seen acrylic paints evolve to a level that has now passed oils products for permanence, clarity, strength and workability. Being an old oil artist, I thought this could never happen. Today new generations of resin acrylics are now available. These new resin acrylics can now be controlled with mediums and additives that give the artist the results that surpass old acrylics, gouaches and even oils. Exciting prospects!


In early 2000 we were asked by several companies to develop a new line of resin acrylic paints for the expanding decorative painting market. Martha and I decided not to. Teaching was our goal and making paint just got in the way. It was our experience, that paint companies wanted to constantly add to their ever expanding line, even though the products may not be needed in our industry. This was not good for the industry or emerging artists. This also violated what I felt was important to the industry, education! An educated artist doesn’t need 12 different mediums, how many did Rembrandt have?


In 2001 we were approached and asked to produce a line based on the educational needs of young artists and schools. This new line should be one based on traditional painting techniques, and, be able to teach color theory, mixing skills, and the art of making paint which has been lost over the years. The line must be acrylic to avoid many unsafe solvents. Finally, a line built totally on safety and education. We worked with DecoArt and a chemist named Rich Potter to develop the JansenArt Traditions line of acrylics.   We put everything we knew at that time into that line of acrylics.

Global Art Supply was first started in 2005 by Martha and our daughter Jessica, manufacturing the Global Palette for artist color education.  Soon thereafter they worked with a USA brush company to produce an artist quality line of watercolor brushes.  Limited line and quality were the main concerns.


In 2008 DecoArt wanted to take the JansenArt Traditions line in another direction. We didn't feel we could follow, so to keep our promise to our artists and teachers to always have our quality products and education, so Global Art Supply stepped in and continued our promise.   Working once again with Rich Potter and the new chemists at the Australian company Derivan we began to develop the Heritage line of artist quality resin acrylics.   In the almost 8 years since the development of Traditions, there had been huge growth in acrylic binders, pigments and surfactants that we could now use in a new advanced paint line. So, we decided to advance the working properties of the paint and use ground pigments (same as oils) and new Extender technology to bring new working properties to the paint. We also made sure the new Heritage line would do everything that our older JansenArt Traditions would do.



Today, Martha and Jessica are moving Global Art Supply forward. Add to this mix, friends, teachers and students who helped test and design the system and you have what we now call Heritage and Heritage Education. Heritage Education is a concept, built by friends, artists, teachers and chemists. It is not one person’s or one company’s paint. It was developed by teachers and artists for teachers and artists. Global Art Supply continues to make only what our artists need. We don't expand the line to useless colors and then remove them. Quality is always guaranteed.  Heritage Acrylics are built on 35 years of technology, artist concepts, and technical advances.  We will always produce what the artist needs.  That you can be assured. 


Chevalier David Jansen MDA